Chris Adams, a web designer and climate activist in Berlin, tells me he thinks a green internet must be free of advertising. “Ninety percent of a web page being ads requires servers, and those servers are taking electricity, and that electricity is generated by burning coal,” he says.

Now estimate online porn.

I would love to see no unsolicited advertising on the internet (and elsewhere) regardless. IMO it leads to runaway consumerism, which is bad for us in a lot of other ways, too (including some environmental ones). I would also love to see a more resilient internet, and am glad people are working on it.

I just subscribed to Low Tech Magazine! :-)

Low Tech Magazine is wonderful, lots of great tips and many links and references for very useful but not always easy to learn crafts that are insanely useful.

Climate change isn’t going to be solved by tying environmentalism to lots of other ideologies (anti-capitalism, veganism, anti-car-even-if-electric, or tying it to the whole of wokeness in the form of ESG)

It’s hard to figure out how else to make it appealing unless you tie it to other values. True environmentalism requires giving up convenience, and that is a very hard sell for most people.

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Whose “convenience”, though? Are women going to go back to hauling laundry down to the river to pound on rocks? The technology of the early-mid 20th century freed women from grinding domestic drudgery. My own grandmother who was a young woman in the 40s and 50s was still boiling laundry and using a washboard up until the 60s when she got a wringer washer, finally getting an automatic one in the 80s. Clothes were dried on a clothesline. A big iron wood stove was used to cook, and wood needed to be found, cut down, transported, chopped, dried, split and stored (which was men’s job to do in the fall).

The sheer labour needed to run a household is unimaginable today, and frankly, it’s not even possible in urban areas to do so. All modern life stems from electricity and cheap fossil fuels instead of the calories and effort just a few generations ago.

Edit: though women shouldn’t automatically be assumed to be the ones doing the lion’s share of domestic chores, we all know we are the ones doing most of it, especially globally.