I've been doing this for years. uBlock Origin and NoScript extensions as my default. It's pretty horrifying to see what gets blocked. I've gone on sites that attempted to load dozens of scripts (literally), yet what I wanted from the site required none of them.

The few sites (e.g., banking) that do truly need javascript, I whitelist.

Once in awhile I have to see the internet without these two extensions (like when using someone else's computer), and I'm shocked at what a flaming, nuclear, garbage dump the modern web has become.

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Hmm, realistically speaking (as a JS dev), I don't think most of the modern would work without JS nowadays. This was written in 2015, at the time Flash was dying and not receiving any further updates, but was still supported by browsers. It's no longer the case, so YouTube doesn't even load anymore without JS. So now most if not all of interactivity (not things 'here and there' like ads as this article seems to imply) relies on JS.

You can't use a website like Twitter (speaking of its features at a technical level) because it needs JS to load the tweets, update your timeline, send tweets, and basically just function. At work I wouldn't be able to use Slack (it serves you a blank screen without JS) or any tools like Figma either. Even Ovarit doesn't fully work with JS disabled.

In short this is unfortunately both outdated info, and a naive understanding of what JS does on the web. Because JS runs most of the web (and more, nowadays it can also be run in apps as well as smart items like smart watches and whatnot), tracking is one of the things you can do with it, but it's a tiny fraction of the application scope of JavaScript.

But you should always use an adblocker regardless (I don't know why the author of the article speaks of guilt when using one? Hell no.)

Yes, but I think this is indicative of a systemic problem (of the modern web being utter dogshit). I hate sitting and looking at the coolest new css spinner widget while I wait for 8MB of javascript to load before any content gets served. Most of the interactivity is just flashy bullshitty cruft that serves no purpose other than to increase cognitive load and make people dumber while they surf. That's out of the legitimate stuff, not even getting to the ads and trackers and downright malicious stuff. News websites are absolutely unusable without script blocking on. I'll click through to links but if I have to unblock more than about 6 scripts before I can read any text then I just give up. I don't need to see whatever it is you think you're putting out there that badly.

Yep I agree. The web has taken a serious turn for the worse ever since the advent of 2.0 social media (Facebook and the like). Previous social media platform were tame in terms of their impact on what the web is used for, only MySpace had a larger social impact and even then it was mostly limited to the terminally online (and/or musicians).

But with Facebook, companies have realised just how much money there is to be made through our digital lives, and Internet has never been the same ever since. Marketing first, actually interacting with each other as individuals (through fun experiences or discussions like here) last. The Web 3.0 (the metaverse, and hyperactive social media like TikTok) intends to keep making it worse. I try to do my bit to keep it sane (and keep the user safe: actually don't fucking track if they said no), but after witnessing it change from my childhood until now, I've just started looking into reconverting into gamedev after almost 10 years professionally in webdev.

It's that or I'm going to finally say out loud 'You have no respect for the tech in your hands and no sense of responsibility, these NFT campaigns are dumb as fuck, and we're further fucking up the planet while while serving the occasional boring greenwashed campaign'. Might as well say 'please fire me', ha.

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2015 article--the mention of Adobe Flash was a bit of an anachronism.

I hate using the internet on my phone and minimize the practice because I cannot stand the web without adblockers and blocked JS.

If you have an android phone, you can install Firefox with uBlock.