This is so neat! What are the chances she would go to that exact conference and be like ding ding ding?

I swear I can smell pneumonia. I thought other people could smell it too, but apparently not. It’s a pretty lame super power though.

I can smell when people have the flu, it has a very sweet, rotten fruit kind of smell. I thought it was normal for people to be able to recognise it, but apparently it isn't. Cool to know someone else can recognise certain ailments too

I can definitely smell upper respiratory ailments but mostly my super power limits me to knowing that I'm going to get sick once I get blasted with someone's sick breath and being offended at how gross they are.

I can definitely smell when someone has a cold. It’s hard to describe what it smells like. It’s not a “bad” smell as such.

I posted this some time back. It's a strange story. I wondered at first whether they had trained dogs to smell it, as they do with cancer.


Thanks! I searched before posting, but for some reason it didn't come up.

It really makes me wonder how strong of a smell it is.

People are sensitive to different smells. Perhaps you and I couldn't pick it up at all. My husband has a terrific sense of smell, far better than mine; but I can smell mould a mile off and he can't smell it at all.

Their sebum is more copious and the fatty components are different, sebum smells quite strong to me so I’d imagine the sebum of Parkinson’s sufferers is noticeable if you are good at differentiating smells.

PD at age 45, that poor man.

My father acquired this horrible disease, fortunately much older.

Blessings to the man's widow.