Programming is so lucrative and flexible as a profession and there's so much opportunity to shape the future via websites and applications that keeping women out of the tech space sets a terrifying precedent. Keeping women out of tech is a way to neuter our ability to reach our full potential.

who ever controls the means of communication controls the world, the internet is more powerful then any other media.

They definitely can't make it more obvious that they don't want women to have lucrative and flexible careers that actually lend themselves well to motherhood if you pick your position right.

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The ongoing reluctance to provide any names is... not subtle. The update article provided by @BellaZ helps in decoding the "banned" part (👀 "decoding"), but doesn't go any farther towards identifying the complainant(s) which suggests we just may have run afoul of the commandment that says Thou Shalt Not Make the mArGiNaLiZeD pErSoNs Look Bad. (Only their own actions area allowed to do that, I guess.)

Apparently the nineties alt-rock band (with a dash of Christian tossed in) Live is from York, PA, where this school district is located, and this song is a "tribute" to that city.

I mean, WTAF? Why? Learning a skill is bannable? Coding seems so benign.

I mean, i alws thought womaning in public was broadly okay too though...