I laughed when I saw the court illustration that clearly drew him as male. Based.

Tech bros are genuinely some of my least favorite people in the world. So many of them are porn addicts, which probably explains why there seem to be more TIMs in the field than any another.

I worked a job where I was often a fly on the wall to a lot of things, including tech bro meetings, and endorse this message. A lot seem to be megalomaniacs who came away from the Terminator movies wanting to be Skynet. Their dreams for the world often seem to be one where people never leave their homes and are constantly waited on (and monitored) by devices...and their business strategies are around forcing adoption of this kind of lifestyle by sabotaging our ability to hold out from it. They manage to be simultaneously arrogant enough to see themselves as above the law while maintaining an image of themselves as the plucky, precocious underdogs, the unquestionable good guys...even as they explicitly make decisions that will get people maimed and killed (hearing them talking about self driving car development made me never want to get one, EVER). Meanwhile Silicon Valley has become such a combination of sexist and expensive that niche services have sprung up on the fringes offering women as professional party guests so there actually are real women at events these companies host...because not just the companies, but even the surrounding towns themselves are becoming overwhelmingly male.

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Look at him in this one: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/07/30/us/capital-one-hacker-paige-thompson.amp.html

I busted out laughing at this pathetic sympathy piece by the New York Times writing about the "woman" behind the scheme only to post a picture of a dude with a massive head, doing the Classic head tilt to hide that huge square chin and 5:00 stubble.. an actual woman who committed a crime would never get a sob story sympathy piece written about her. Nobody cares and nobody ever applies deeper meaning to anything actual women do, or excuses anything we do

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They get dragged in public like that woman who made up that blood device technology. Which is hypocritical and sexist

Sounds about right for a TIM

Thompson’s crimes … were fully intentional and grounded in spite, revenge and willful disregard for the law. She exhibited a smug sense of superiority and outright glee while committing these crimes…. Thompson was motivated to make money at other people’s expense, to prove she was smarter than the people she hacked

But he's too vUlNeRaBlE to get punished (for what he deserves!!) because he's a wittle "twanswommin."