Really not a fan of corporate surveillance and this is just another layer of creepy. Of course people should not smoke weed or drink during work. But also, bosses can simply take action when quality of work is insufficient. They 1000% don't need to spy on employees.

Quality of work should tell you. If it’s something that the boss needs to know immediately and is a likelihood, like truck driving or whatever there are other tests…

This is just obnoxious and alienating employees and is basically a con job of a product. You have some slick salesmen selling a relatively useless gadget but makes it seem life changing at the time, sold to a fool of a manager thinking they are acting more authoritatively.

Things like this just piss off the better workers and even subconsciously causes them to be less productive. The cost benefit analysis really doesn’t add up.

I’d be very worried about it producing false positives, or just being bunk pseudoscience like lie detectors.

I am against pot use, I think it is a bad idea. But this is freakin' dystopian.

i wonder what this will do for productivity given some people use marijuana for medical ailments.

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Good. I've seen too much destruction first hand caused by weed/thc.

I agree. People shouldn't be going to work high. If you want to get high on your own time, well, I don't approve myself, but you do you. But don't be afflicting other people to you while inebriated.

Please tell me more

THC caused psychosis in someone I know that destroyed their life, addiction leading to loss of all life goals, weed becoming a person's main obsession so they lose out on a lot of opportunities, impairment by coworker causing major at work issues, another coworker coming in high and it causing forgetfulness that ended up killing one of our facility animals, etc...