Woah, I’m amazed, I thought those horrible things were everywhere! What kind of mass eavesdropping dystopia was Amazon hoping to accomplish if Alexa has underperformed expectations so badly? Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

I never got one and don’t use Siri either. Amazon’s felt really intrusive to me. Remember when that perv guy started talking to a little girl in her bedroom at night and scared the heck out of her? The hair on my arms literally rose when I saw and heard that video.

I dont know ehat you are talking about, do you have a link?

There have been a few.

Amazon’s Alexa tells 10-year-old child to touch penny to exposed plug socket.

Then, there was this one: An 8-Year-Old Girl Had A Terrifying Exchange With A Stranger After He Hacked Her Family's Ring Camera

This article from Forbes in 2018 Amazon's Alexa Hacked To Surreptitiously Record Everything It Hears.

From 2019 Time article: Thousands of Amazon Workers Listen to Alexa Users' Conversations.

Those are just a few reasons why I never adopted Alexa…

its those ring doorbells you want to worry about, unofficial corporate CCTV system that knows when your home, whos visiting you, and can see your naighbours homes too and the street

It really baffles me that I know several people who are big into conspiracy theories, yet they use Alexa, Siri, and ring cameras all the time.

Freaks me out even more how many people seem to have cameras inside their homes. Like how many random videos I see on the internet that were caught on film because people just....have cameras everywhere now. I have a friend who has cameras inside her home. Like just inside her living room, and God knows what other rooms, just listening and watching you all day? Its creepy as hell to me.

well your phone does that anyway I always put something over the camera when I get home, and my laptop has tape over the camera as they can turn them on and look and listen when ever they like, I don't care about them listening to my boring conversations but they can keep their eyes to themselves.

My workplace gave me one and I threw it in the trash lol. I felt kind of bad about not giving it away or selling it but I would've felt like I'm giving a cursed object to someone else.

When Amazon targeted hotels so they could put these in hotel rooms and listen to people thats when I knew i didn't want one of their devices in my home.

And the ring device is nothing but bad news. Amazon has many partnerships with law enforcement and allows them to review the recordings on the device without the owner's knowledge.

The last paragraph:

While Alexa may have lost its luster under the largest shake-up in Amazon's history, employees said the company has a new favorite child: that title now belongs to its burgeoning healthcare business.

Unfortunately, there is always money in healthcare for big business in America.

Scary shit, though they're the same rules of ghouls as Big Pharma execs. Especially since Amazon and Google helped the FBI take down zlib founders.

Good riddance to Alexa and Echo. Being Deaf, a demographic that numbers into millions globally, they are a flop with us considering they are inaccessible.

They should have designed a product that allows for us to touch screen, read our sign languages and gestures, etc like we see in sci-fi movies. Anything that allows egalitarian access for all kind of people.

wow, thanks for the insight! i'm ashamed to say i'd never thought about the deaf community with these sorts of new inventions.

my friend has one of the google machines and i can't stand it. he's always interrupting our conversations to ask google to confirm/deny something. i also feel like i'm being listened to.

You are!

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that's precisely why i'd never have one in my home. :) when i got my new phone plan years ago they tried to give me one for free and it annoyed me because i realised "if it's free i'm definitely the product, not this device". i also feel similarly about smart phones and smart TVs, but i know others can think that can be a bit conspiracy-like.

I’m sorry to say that this had never occurred to me and it’s crazy that Bezo and/or his team did not consider how many more people would use one with a touch screen and a FaceTime sort of interactive ability. I use closed captions on every television show or TV movie. I have a mild loss and it’s dialogue that can be so problematic for me. Another potential revenue stream lost for Bezos. It could have been a contender!!

i mean there's alws TTY's 😅 although i gather you're looking for something invented less than 200 years ago