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IMO this is more about people wanting to make $$$ off other people who want to do their part for the planet, but don't actually give a shit about the planet themselves. Unfortunately a lot of "organic" ag is BS but very profitable. To produce the amount of food we need using organic methods, we'd have to clearcut a lot more land because it's just not as efficient as conventional.

Here's some good news though, the highest levels of government (U.S. at least) want to incentivize farmers to switch to management techniques that will pull down and store CO2 in the soil. Like, Biden mentioned it in the state of the union last week. It's a very promising approach, the scale of (conventional) ag is such that this would make a huge difference.

More good news, tangentially related, is progress with CRISPR-Cas9 technology to gene-edit crops to need less water, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Still very early days but wow, that technology is incredible (and another reason why organic ain't it). It's a very exciting time to be a biologist!!

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Thanks for at least some good news! I like the idea of the Crispr technology and I am tired of hearing about carbon capture which is what tech bros like Elon Musk promote, which could really be damaging to the Earth.

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lol. when he announced that $100M contest I just thought, has he heard of photosynthesis?

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I am thinking no......Anything that doesn't make him the savior of Earth is a no go.