I've been saying for over a year, just wait for the panic when people realize all wild and domesticated animals are potential zoonotic viral reservoirs. But I really hope the hysteria of the past year is something people have learned from... I don't want to go back to the blind terror of 2020 and I hope others know they can actively make that choice too.

The Olympics are still happening and Japan is sticking its head in the sand about the resulting explosion in cases. We learned nothing.

In the words of the disgusting Andrew Cuomo, cases are "bad...but not death"

It's endemic at this point. We're going to have to drop the fear and learn to live with it.

Edit: Magdalene Burns told us to be brave and she meant it in all things, not just feminism.

It should be noted that there is thus far very little evidence to suggest infected animals can pass the coronavirus to humans in the same way that a person would.

Does not even remotely surprise me. I live in one of the "red zones" right now, and I regularly have deer strolling through my backyard. I'd be more surprised if deer showed no signs of previous infection, tbh.

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When are we going to accept this isn't going away?

I'm getting really annoyed because I don't know what our goals are anymore, I don't know why we're engaging in protective measures.

At first the reason was avoiding overcrowded and overwhelmed hospitals. Now it seems to be getting cases to 0? That's literally an impossible task. That is so far from achievable it's literal nonsense.

So what's our goal now? Why are we doing all this stuff still? I'm confused and can't get a straight message out of anyone. There is apparently no end to all these lockdown measures and whatnot. There never will be if we seriously think we can get worldwide cases down to ZERO.

I'm starting to see the POV of people who say this is about tribal signaling and control, because they are in fucking dreamland if they think we can go back to a time before corona existed.

We have to learn to live with this. There are no other alternatives.

If vaccination rates were higher, we wouldn't be in the situation that we're in right now though. A thought experiment: let's say that in the US, our fully vaxxed rate was like 95% prior to Delta. If that had happened we probably would not need any more lockdowns or even masks. And sure, there would be break through infections but we would not be seeing the level of hospitalizations we're seeing now.

IMO it's not about tribal signaling or control, it's about trying to manage all the idiots who refused the vaccine. Biden administration does not seem stoked about this situation at all.

Agree that we have to learn to live with this, but that includes anti-vaxxers getting the shots.

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I'm not a scientist or anything but we've survived things like Polio, so... not to be an optimist but there's most likely a somewhat brighter future where covid has been eradicated. Or under far better control than it is. Which happens through people following public health guidelines

In the US at least, not enough people are willing to follow public health measures, so it probably always will be around. In some areas of the US, schools are not even requiring students or staff to quarantine when someone in their household tests positive. They can still come to school and potentially spread it around. I don’t have much hope for eradication here. It’s been too politicized.

This. Now we're basically in a never ending "this is why we can't have nice things" feedback loop due to COVID being so heavily politicized by Trump.