I mean I get it. But I find it hilarious people are more willing to eat bugs than plant protein.

I mean, I don’t want a bug that still looks like a bug. But flour made from them would be fantastic—the more options, the better. I got really into low carb baking for awhile and while I had a great zucchini-based cupcake and another nice one with a blend of almond flour and coconut flour (based off a recipe that only called for almond but that was too freaking expensive), I’d absolutely love to have more options to work with!

Honestly most plant-based protein substitutes I’ve had have been really good, it’s just an issue of finding stuff in a rural area. But low carb flour substitutes are a lot more universally appealing I think, since diabetics and low carb dieters rely on them. (For me, it’s because carbs make my narcolepsy symptoms worse.)

I wonder if the vegans would be on board with cricket flour…probably not, but having other high protein alternatives is important for sustainability reasons.