I've seen the argument over and over again that gifted women who are good at STEM are also good at other things that gifted men aren't good at, and go into those other things when they have the opportunity.

Can you elaborate on this?

What I've read is that STEM men tend to be good at math/science and not social stuff, but STEM women tend to be good at both. I saw this in high school where gifted boys were not as good in English as gifted girls were, even though we all did equally well in math/science.

So as fields have opened up, more women have gone into medicine and law and fewer into engineering. Sexism in engineering (and computer science) has also been an issue but I think a lot of women just found socially-oriented fields to be more satisfying.

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Can confirm this anecdotally.

I'm from a developing country. I was always creative and way better at arts than science. Had zero opportunities in arts. Now I have a PhD in a STEM field from the US and I fantasize everyday of just waking out of this sexist cesspool and going back to arts.

If I had grown up in the US there's very little chance I'd have chosen the sciences.