Have an exciting project to share or a problem that you are trying to solve?

This is a general open thread to talk about what you're working on - or want to work on!

Feel free to share ideas, ask for help, or just fill us in on your cool project :)

Anything goes in terms of topics, just as long as it is STEM-related.

Have an exciting project to share or a problem that you are trying to solve? This is a general open thread to talk about what you're working on - or want to work on! Feel free to share ideas, ask for help, or just fill us in on your cool project :) Anything goes in terms of topics, just as long as it is STEM-related.


My side project is a small mesh networking radio that uses Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the radio, then communicates text messages and GPS info over the radio. This is a hobbyist creation but a good prototype for a specific application that I'm working on, and it's cool that it has a thriving (if small) online community, which means that it will be easier for to get something working :)

This radio is really handy if you are in an area where there is no cell service, or you don't want to use cell service for cost or security reasons.

Ofc, I have a bunch of main project stuff to do, so not exactly sure when I'll actually get this done!

This is so amazingly cool πŸ™

Can I ask you questions about how you interface with the open source community? I do a lot of projects but I am always nervous about revealing I'm a woman.

At work, when I come back from maternity leave, I'll be working on protecting customers from deleting their own servers. ;)

At home, I'm always working with lutris to add more games on linux

Doing the goddess' work :)

Do you create your own games or are you importing existing games, or both?

I can't code in anything but bash lol! My husband is the programmer in the family, I'm the sysadmin. ;) I just tinker with wine and lutris.

GloriousEggroll is the person in charge of lutris and has a patreon if you wanna support him. He's a good guy for the community overall (no sexism, no gatekeeping) and works at Red Hat.

Between Proton and Lutris, all my games work on Linux.

Cool! Curious about the sorts of games-- I don't play modern games much any more, so the gaming I've done on linux has been limited to running ps1 games on an emulator via wine. So I was under the impression it was still tough to get modern games working, but maybe things have improved?

Modern games are, honestly, easier than emulators via wine.

Most games on steam work on Linux, either natively or via Proton

The big exception are esports type games cause they typically have an anti cheat installed to deliberately disable the game if it detects linux. Because those few games are some of the most popular, we get a bad rep still. But it's really not many games.

Among Us is either platinum or gold.

Currently working on making a platform to help journalists, activists, and other vulnerable parties receive funding and donations in a flexible way that will allow for independence from traditional financial systems as well as a way to compartmentalize funds to secure them from both seizure and geo graphical restrictions if applicable

Very cool! What tools are you using to build the platform? (If you feel comfortable sharing).

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People mostly lol not literally of course. Essentially I'm trying to come up with a way to multisig both storage and transfer of value.

Then convert to conventional fiat currency, currently trying to see if infrastructure can be set up then look at making a sort of basic landing page for submissions and or eventually automating said process.

Lots of PGP, mobile devices and hardware tokens

I currently have an online shop to help raise funding for it by selling security and privacy focused devices and accessories.


I've gotten an AxiDraw plotter recently. So I've been playing around with that and messing with the settings. I'm considering writing an algo that turns images and texts into unique codes that can be printed. Kind of like an artistic QR code.

Kind of like an artistic QR code.

That would be super cool! Great combo of tech & aesthetic design. Also something you could possibly patent or copyright.

I'm not sure if it counts as a project, but I started looking into how complex it would be to set up an etherpad on a server I own, for a private group discussion, since Discourse seemed like a lot of overhead and google docs is nosey. Turns out it's very very easy to set up manually, so I'm quite tempted to just do that since it should only be used for a little while and then discarded, but I also know that's the story of every piece of tech that ends up being depended on for everything and used for 30 years... So I should probably put the time in to find/make an ansible role or whatever. But bleh.

That totally counts! And I would say at least 40 years minimum for relying on software... haha. Though this sounds like a situation where you don't want perfection to be the enemy of good enough.

Tangentially, do you have any insights into how Google Docs is nosey?

Ah I just mean general google nosiness, eg: needing an account to write things in a shared doc. Idk exactly what data they harvest but there's no reason people should have to have accounts to do realtime text editing together, especially if the doc can be password-protected to stop randomers editing it. I've been thinking about lightweight options for private judge discussion for the fiction prize; I wanted something that wouldn't be massive overhead to host myself (or to ask a trusted party to host) if people didn't want to give data to a third party or make an account anywhere else. And anyone can write in any publicly hosted instance, but nothing can be deleted from the history once it's up, so I think we need to be able to delete files in case someone pastes personal details into one by accident. So I think that would mean it needs to be self-hosted, so if people were concerned about the security of me hosting it, I'd definitely want to have it all automated so nobody else got that maintenance burden and I could just go 'here is script, point it at your ip' to the host.

Ah, that makes sense. Having to create an alt Google account to edit a doc is really burdensome, plus the risk of unintentionally logging in/editing with a main Google account. I am excited to see what you come up with :)

I want to learn how to make Android Apps.

I need to wait for my school work to die down.

Any app developers on here?