I found it fascinating that the article did not make any connection between the points made here and such current violence against women as choking during sex. Key point, quoting from this article’s quote from the paper this article summarizes :

“Air hunger is the most uncomfortable and emotionally distressing quality of dyspnea. It directly activates the insular cortex, a primal sensory area of the brain that responds to such basic survival threats as pain, hunger, and thirst. Data from studies of war and torture victims show that the sensation of suffocation is the single strongest predictor of posttraumatic stress disorder and can cause more persistent psychological damage than mock execution with a pistol, This finding suggests that clinicians have a fundamental responsibility to serve as advocates for persons who report respiratory distress.”

Here is a direct link to the paper as well:


You are right--you should send comments to the outlet and to the author! This is an important point you are making!

I have to admit not having thought of sending them any comments, thank you for this!

Re George Floyd - that's interesting. I would have thought that the ability to speak would prove that he did indeed have an airway, but then again I am trained as an EMT. However, I saw video of Floyd as the officers tried to put him into the police car and he was already yelling that he couldn't breathe, way before he was on the ground or had any knee on his neck.

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I'm not familiar with this website? I can't find any info on its reliability and have never heard of it before... I want to share the article on FB but I want to make sure.

It has been around since 2007, and I found the link via an aggregator I trust. To my mind it is also a point in their favour that they provided a link to the paper rather than making it so interested readers had to do a bunch of searching to find it. All that said, this is also why I included a direct link to the paper itself, so that if people prefer they can share that link instead and do a bit more browsing of the ZMEScience site before passing on its material directly.