Yet amazingly we still know he’s a male suffering from a developmental disorder.

This covers it in depth - warning, surgery pictures if you scroll down, but they also include some drawings of the three types.


People with this condition have XY genes, and they may have internal testes where women would have ovaries, but they are not ovaries.

Pretty sure they did not find an ovary.

They didn't. The testes developed normally, but didn't descend in the young boy. Both males had a uterus and fallopian tubes though!

Physical examination presented a male with average male osteo-muscular and pilosity, well developed penis with urethral opening in glans penis.


Interesting case. Still male.

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He's a father? So he has fathered children? So yeah, definitely male

All that needs to be said. Poor guy though, must've been a shock.

Be prepared to see this linked 780,000 times by TRAs desperately trying to prove a lie

New TIM mascot incoming…

I'm OK with a test for TIMs - prove that you have a naturally growing ovary and you can be considered a woman. None of them will pass

The doctor who wrote the entry specifically states that these males are NOT female. They are normal males with Mullerian duct syndrome, and the female organs that grew are not active and did not affect the normal development of these males' bodies. Never ask them to prove anything - they're not female, and we don't want any of them thinking they can be.

Of course they're not female. But these conditions are so rare no TIM has them. If a TIM uses this story as "evidence", just challenge him to prove he also has the same condition. He won't.

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Lol reminds me of a Grey's Anatomy episode where a guy is found to have an ovary from absorbing a female fraternal twin in the womb.