Watch this. It's terrifying. 2minute video on how quickly antibiotic resistance crops up. https://youtu.be/plVk4NVIUh8

Drs. giving antibiotics for viruses, people demanding antibiotics for viruses, people wanting "quick" powerful 5 day antibiotic regimens instead of appropriate 10 day regimens...

As a pharmacist (since 1996) I've been saying this for 15 years, and I'll say it again, "We're all going to die of strep throat." Meaning, some ridiculous bacteria we never expected to harm us is going to evolve because of resistance and take us all out.

Like climate change this has been warned about for years and years and years. But profits.

I’ve found disease to be a morbid curiosity of mine, the history of outbreaks are usually fascinating and scary to learn about. The Black Death wiped out about 60% of Europe’s population, the mystery behind The Sweat , a disease they still don’t know what caused it and strangely it seemed to mostly effect royalty. It’s worrying that this disease has killed more than HIV

Sometimes I forget about this ticking time bomb among all the ticking time bombs in the world right now. Massive issue.

When patients come in with suspected sepsis we will culture them then start immediately on antibiotics. Then switch up antibiotics once we have culture results. I wish we could get faster culture results to better pinpoint what antibiotics to use rather than just broad spectrum ones.

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Drug resistence is scary. There are some strains of some diseases in Asia that are resistant to most known antibiotics. I think people forget how recent modern medicine actually is and how it would be easy to go back there due to resistance. I once read an article about a person recently returned to the US from India who had a drug resistant infection and how hard it was to stop it spreading. Not surprisingly many of the hospital workers refused to follow basic hygeine rules like washing hands. Stopping the spread of disease isn't rocket science, the basic principles have been in place since the 1920s but people just...don't wanna I guess. WASH YOUR HANDS.