"using a new transplant method involving umbilical cord blood"

Which as I learned recently, they aren't paying women for. Using us as a free resource yet again. The hospital won't let you take it (unless you practically steal it), but won't pay you for it either. Everything from stem cells and placenta, to now this it looks like. But, aside the fact women aren't being paid for it, it's turning women's bodies and parts into another commodity.

Even if they take your placenta, can they use any part of your body without permission?! What with stem cells and all sounds like an ethical issue

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They gave me 2 options at the hospital. Pay well over a thousand to some third party company to store my umbilical chord for my family’s use in the future, or give it up to the hospital (the largest funded research hospital in my state) for them to use however they want on whoever the fuck they want.