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Definitely going to have to check this book out. I had a stillbirth in July because a hospital dismissed all of my pre-eclampsia symptoms. I was really worried, I felt off, and my kidneys were literally shutting down, but they dismissed it all. They were certain my baby was fine, and just repeated how baby does best in the womb, and we wanted to limit NICU time, etc. By the time I went to a different hospital the next day, my baby was dead and I was hours away from going into a coma.

Now I'm actually pregnant again, and I am a ball of nerves and anxiety. I luckily have doctors that are very understanding, and that I trust. But my employer and basically everyone else in my life is acting like I should just be totally "normal" and completely disregard and diminish everything I'm going through. We act like pregnancy is just no big deal, and everyone should just continue on as normal through it. It is incredibly frustrating, especially after a loss. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be if my doctors had this attitude as well.

Just writing to say that I remember you and what happened last summer. I am so glad to hear you are pregnant again, congratulations! I still think you should sue the shit out of that first hospital. It's only natural that you would be so nervous now. Wishing you all the peace and healing, and a wonderful, healthy pregnancy.

Oh, thank you! We're excited, and terrified! I'm already 24 weeks, I got pregnant the very first time we tried which was extremely unexpected and shockingly fast.

And we are suing that hospital! In the process currently with some great malpractice attorneys.

That is good to hear on both accounts! Wishing you all the best!!