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I have always been a voracious reader, but during the pandemic, I started reading on my iPad more and more. Now I’m addicted to the stupid thing. I notice that I reread sentences and paragraphs, because they don’t register on the first read. The most horrible consequence of my addiction is that I can’t seem to focus when I try to read a physical book, and I’m reading less. I miss reading. Breaking my addiction has been very difficult, and sometimes I think I’m a hopeless case.

I had the same problem after a few years of not reading many books and mostly reading on phone or computer. When I got back into books, I had a lot of trouble with focus and was often going back to read the same line over and over.

Trust me, you are not a hopeless case and can absolutely improve! It just takes practice. I pushed myself to get back into reading and it did take time and I would feel frustrated with myself. But then it started to click and now I devour books again like I used to!

Just be patient and keep trying, habits take time. Start with a goal of a chapter a day and work on that. Sometimes it's a matter of finding the right book to capture your attention (I had been more of a non-fiction reader in the years before but actually found going back to fiction was the key in reigniting my passion). I'd often try to leave my phone is another room too. It didn't happen quickly, and I still use my phone more than I'd like, but I've made huge progress and get better every day!

Maybe try something like 2 minute mysteries, where you have to really focus, but only for a short time (does anyone remember Encyclopedia Brown?) Or magazines about something you are super interested in. It's worth working on it to get your love of reading back.