This is amazing. Just imagining a world where we might have screening for this and prevention for the babies at risk... I mean, imagine being able to not worry about SIDS as a new mum. I can feel the weight of anxiety lifting off my shoulders from here, and my baby's well past the age to worry about SIDS. I used to not sleep, just lie there looking at him and occasionally reach out a hand to check he was still breathing.

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In the US, it's already mandatory in all 50 states, territories and the DoC that all newborns undergo screening for a variety of genetic, hormone-related, and metabolic conditions that cause serious health problems - using blood taken from a heel prick shortly after birth. So I would imagine that it should be relatively simple to add this condition to the list of conditions that are tested for.


I believe it would be possible to add the SIDS condition to the newborn screening panel through an administrative order from the relevant health authorities in each jurisdiction; passing new legislation wouldn't be necessary.

This is a paper that describes the processes and procedures involved when Wisconsin became the first state in the US to add SCID (severe combine immune deficiency) to its newborn screening test panel in 2008. Since then, all other US states and jurisdictions have followed suit, so that it's been the rule for a decade now that all babies born in the USA are screened for SCID.