Is it a genetic defect? The article didn't say genetic, just that they'd found the mechanism in the brain. I thought that fetal alcohol was a risk factor in SIDS. It's possible exposure to something (alcohol, something else, all sorts of things) could cause this defect.

My little sister died this way, and my mother was still sad about it when she died last year. She had my unbaptized sister's name added to her gravestone (I haven't seen it yet, but that's what I was told), since sis didn't get her own – sis is buried at the back in one of the unmarked sections with other babies and suicides.

That is terrible that your baby sister was buried in an unmarked section of the cemetery! Is this a religious (Catholic) cemetery and the decision to bury her there made because she was unbaptized? I'm glad your mother reclaimed her baby by having her name inscribed on her own gravestone.

Yup, RC, 1969. I don't know how they do things now.

That's so sad for your mother and your family. I am so sorry. Just so you know: the RCC changed its rules regarding funerals for, and burial of, unbaptized babies in the summer of 1969, in mid-August to be exact. My hunch is that would have made things even worse for your mother.