"Twitter suspended a number of accounts that posted Valentino’s picture." That's very interesting . . .

[–] darksunset 8 points Edited

Undoctored pics are the big tell. They are terrified of people seeing pictures of these men without filters and porn makeup and clever angles.

Funny how the ref could tell that this player was male several meters away, without speaking to him or being told he was trans. Almost like humans are a sexually dimorphic species that can identify peoples' sex when not hiding behind photoshop or filters....

[–] Lipsy 5 points Edited

here's a picture of the "transgender woman"

fucksake. It's so absurd that I actually wondered for a moment if maybe that was a picture of a rare passing TIM, and the male referee.

Nope. It's a regular bald dude making not even the tiniest bit of effort to pretend to be female, playing against a tall skinny teenage girl.

[–] Cailin 2 points Edited

At first, I never minded the pronouns issue, I just thought to myself that there are bigger issues at play here. I also believed that the majority of people would at least make an effort to look like the gender they wanted to identify with…..lol how naive of me.

Just now, as I was reading the article out loud to a friend (both of us having seen the pictures of this man) I felt increasingly distressed and annoyed referring to him as she and her. It seemed so ridiculous, we both know it’s a man, everyone who has seen the photo knows he is a man, why are we denying this reality?

It is even worse when the media are reporting crime and using the chosen pronouns and female name to describe a horrific crime that no woman would commit. It is insulting to women. It also muddies the water.

People who do not understand the issue may read that article and think to themselves “what is the problem here?” It is so damning when you change all the pronouns back to ‘he’ and read that HE is angry that HE was asked to use a separate changing room to the women on the team.