“Where are all the TransWomen stealing Women’s sports titles if this is an issue?”

I don’t know how many of these failed males it’s gonna take…

Can you help me find who lost to him, so I can record those women's names on SheWon.org?

So newsworthy, the first TIM to shove women out of a given sport.

I really mean that. There will soon be so many the rest of 'em will be forgotten.

here we go again, its like wrack a mole when one sport realizes letting cheating males take womens places isn't at all popular and stops it, another sport pops up willing to show the world their misogyny.

I like your correction of the title.

This is the man:

My name is Hailey Davidson and I am the world’s first transgender woman [sic] to win a professional golf tournament, which I have now done multiple times.