Who the hell is thinking men should compete with women?!?

I think some of the respondents think TransWomen are TIFs

I think some of the respondents think TransWomen are TIFs

Very likely. If you write "transwomen" then a native speaker of English might understand that, like "tomboy" it means actually the other sex.

But "transgender women" and similar are confusing as hell. If you put an adjective on "woman", then of course, people think a variety of women is meant.

(Also, German language doesn't work like that. Our word for masculine women translates to "Manwoman". We expect the bit at the end of the word to be the true part. My parents still get it wrong, despite my best efforts.)

It all makes sense if you read "trans" as "fake". Trans woman is a fake woman, so it's a man, trans ableds are fake disabled people ie able bodied. That's how I have been explaining the terms fo normies ;)

I mean...read the comment section (if it's left open) on any news article about this subject. It's usually 75-90% against gender woo.

What the hell are with these numbers for the Democrats? Trying not to feel hopeless

eh. TIFs shouldn't be competing against other women either if they are taking cross sex hormones. testosterone is pretty much a steroid. that's illegal in athletics.

This is silly. It isn't what Americans want but what men want! Everyone knows women don't matter.