“Trans women are women,” she wrote on Instagram. “Sport is a human right. I deserve the right to race.”

Trans women are men.

Access to sport is a human right, but being permitted to participate in a specific elite event one is not qualified to participate in is not.

He has the right to race in an equivalent men's event as long as his athletic performance is adequate to qualify and he meets all other requirements.

Notice there was no photo. The photo always steers you towards reality, so it couldn't be in the article.

I hate "sport is a human right". Sure whatever, but competition isn't. It's unfair for women to have to compete with men.

Stripping away fraudulent "achievements" makes Mr. Genis's penis sad :(

Check out Instagram @leiagenis.

Getting an error message, wonder if he changed his account name

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Just double checked and it is still up.try googling the name with instagram and it will pop up for you.