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Just keep in mind that Dickhead Jenner became an Olympic gold medalist in an event that has always excluded women - and still does. Even today, there is no women's Olympic decathlon. The Olympic decathlon is for men only, and will still be for men only at the next Olympics in 2024.

This is because of sports policy made by men based on biological sex differences. The male powers-that-be at the Olympics have deemed that women are not physically suited to do the decathlon, in which athletes compete in 10 different events. The Olympics only allow women to compete in the heptathlon, which has 7 events. And women only got the right to have an Olympic heptathlon in 1984. When Jenner became world famous for winning all 10 events in the men's Olympic decathlon in 1976, the closest comparable competition for women was the Olympic pentathlon, which has 5 events - half the men's number.

Jenner's talking out of both sides of his mouth on sports now because golf is his current bailiwick. Since he became a stunning and brave laydeeman, Jenner has played in women's golf tournaments - and he's been using the women's locker room and showers at his fancy golf club in California. I imagine Brucie-boy is starting to get nervous about the prospect of being booted out of the female space that provides him with the kind of "gender euphoria" that AGPs like him live for.


One, no male is entitled to play women’s sports, regardless of his frame, testosterone level, genitals, etc. Make your own sporting competitions if you don’t want to play with other males because you chose to damage your body with hormones and surgeries.

Two, wtf about women’s golf being a game of “touch and feel”. All golfers have both a long game (driving distance) and a short game (chipping and putting). Professional players must excel at both. Power and distance relative to other players is a significant advantage, in both men and women’s golf.

Three, Jenner is an opportunistic pervert.

Bruce Jenner is stupid. I wonder if he was blackmailed because am pretty sure he was adamant about no men in women's sport.

No it fucking isn't different.

I can practice and practice and practice, and won't ever be able to have the same range.

There's a reason women and men have a different starting point.

Send this to one of my trainers a week ago and he himself was fucking pissed.

Yeah, cuz a male bone structure (and lack of breasts) mean nothing in golf. Please F off Bruce.

I drove golf balls casually recently with 2 men. None of us were by any means pros, or even good. But when they hit the ball, there was a noticeable difference in power and distance, even though I hit those suckers hard. And they weren’t even trying that hard!

Golf is totally different than swimming? Then why did you specifically call out your golfing ability when illustrating how the advantages of male puberty cannot be mitigated by testosterone levels only?

The DailyMail reported the following on August 9, 2022 after the FINA (swimming) was announced. (No males can swim in women’s events if they have experienced male puberty.)

Jenner added FINA had come to the conclusion it's not just about current hormone levels, and shared her experience of how going through male puberty had given her advantages. She said: ‘I went through male puberty. I was strong, 6ft 2. I’m 72 years old and I can still hit the ball 290 yards because my arms and legs are long.’

'I can still do those types of things. I transitioned fully 7 years ago, but there’s still a lot left over there!’


Jenner, who repeatedly spoke out against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas' participation in women's competitions defended Jackson in an interview on "America Reports," telling Fox News that the unfair biological advantage in Thomas' case doesn't apply to golf, which requires a different skill set with "a different set of rules."

No kidding. It’s a different sport. But he’s still a man.

"She’s [sic] playing within the rules," Jenner agreed. "Golf is totally different game. It is a game of touch and feel."

Lia Thomas played by the rules too. But golf is totally different because it depends on girly talents like “touch and feel”.

"Honestly, for me, the jury is still out on this one," Jenner said. "I don’t think she’s [sic] gonna be in a position where she's [sic] gonna be dominating on the LPGA tour. To be honest with you, those girls are so good."

Jenner just can’t bring himself to say the word “woman”. He seems to have a habit of infantilizing women.

Original link: https://www.foxnews.com/media/caitlyn-jenner-supports-transgender-golfer-fighting-join-lpga-tour-totally-different-lia-thomas

Men are still stronger and faster. I guarantee he still hasn't advantage.

Anyway it's still not fair for him to take a position from a woman.

Men have about twice the upper body strength of women, that matters in that golf swing.

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