I think it's fine. Let them murder each other for all I care.

I don’t have a problem with this, as long as males (and doped females) stay out of female categories.

I’d say many Tims won’t be happy with this. They WANT to beat the shit out of women, and get paid for it.
Nah, they belong with all the other men if they really want to compete.

Exactly! It has been shown time and time again that Tims don't want their own thing. They want what the women have.

So men will have two categories in boxing competitions. Two chances to compete and win prizes.

In the WBC conventions several topics are always touched, on this occasion Mauricio Sulaiman commented that the issue of transgender fighters will be touched, he said that the WBC has always distinguished itself by supporting minorities and being inclusive at all times.

"First you have to understand that the World Boxing Council is based on very important principles and values, we have been filters in the world sport to reject any kind of discrimination, we have always been inclusive and, in addition, the most important base is the safety of the boxer, of the athlete, this is an issue that is very precise.

The World Boxing Council is addressing this issue, we are looking for options including a possible transgender boxing league, the main thing is to take care of who gets into the ring, that is why we have a lot of attention, why we have put many different rules in female boxing to male boxing; then we have to be very careful, all based on equal conditions when you get into the ring, "he said to Excelsior.

Archive: https://archive.ph/hMUDH

Yup. The mediocre and worse male category. That's what stops me from supporting this, although it's better than men in women's sport. Also, there can't be that many "trans" boxers. It's all so enraging.

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This is a good thing. These men are cowards who don't want to fight other men.

Putting them in their own category kills the appeal. And now they're in constant danger of a #20 contender calling himself a woman for a few months just so he can publicly light some pervert's sorry ass up like the 4th of July and get paid for it.