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The association had set extraordinarily high hurdles for transgender athletes to play on teams that matched their gender identity.

“Extraordinarily high hurdles” = the biological impossibility of a boy turning into a girl

I think nature established THOSE hurdles.

This is an important point. We need to make it clear that we are simply describing the hurdles that biology created.

Well, this young female-identifying male athlete must have terrific organizing skills: perhaps he'll now use them to create a trans team or to push for more acceptance of gender non-conforming boys, no matter how they subjectively self-ID, on the boys team. I wish him luck in this...truly.

That's the feeling I got from the first photo. He is shown walking the track with other boys, wearing a poncho.

A poncho does not make him a girl.

Men and boys gotta embrace the gender-non-conforming among them. Boys who wear pink can run track. Boys with soft lips and rosy cheeks can shoot hoops. Women's teams often have butch women and we embrace them as our own, because they are. Why can't men do this? Without making it a problem for women to deal with?

Because it’s easier to bully women than to stand up to other men

*They say transgender female athletes have a biological advantage. (The science on this is unsettled, and the studies have only examined adults, not children or teens.) *

Any teen knows the science of "girl or boy" body is not "unsettled'. They know, we all know, who the boys are and who the girls are. Certainly, their physical development child to child varies, but, once puberty has started, it cannot be "halted or reversed" and it provides male adavantage.

Notably: the only game this child played in all year was the only game his team won: "For Fischer, that wasn’t the point. Sprinting around the pitch and whacking the ball made her feel good. It was fun. She had an audience for her jokes." (italics mine in this quote) Sounds like Lia Thomas, who was "so happy" to be swimming, never mind the effect on his teammates or competitotrs, who were reportedly, "less happy".

How long do you suppose it'll take before William quietly drops the facade now that it's unlikely he'll get to steal an Olympic spot from a deserving woman?

When told that he was transgender, his mom said, "I'm so honored you told us." I have a feeling a similar convo between me and my kids would not go the same way.

I can't read WaPo without subscribing. OP, what do the comments say?

Here's some:

Touting out 'oh look at the sad trans child' articles like this are no longer convincing me. Frankly, I worry about this child because in ten years, he'll wake up and realize his parents and doctors led him down an irreversible path where he has limited or no sexual function, life-limiting health problems and is infertile. I worry that trans will be the lobotomy scandal of the 21st century...and we've just experimented upon thousands of children who needed love and mental health intervention, not Lupron. Other countries, like the UK, France, Finland, and Sweden have paused or stopped these interventions in childhood.

There is a young, autistic person in my life who just came out as transgender. They immediately wanted to leap to testosterone and top surgery, and the more I read about the realities, the more alarmed I became.

What 18 year old can meaningfully decide to throw away their fertility? I was 30 before I suddenly realized I wanted children. And they hadn’t yet explored all of the non-medical ways to express their identity. If they did all of that and lived with it for a while, then still felt they needed to make a medical transition, I’d be 1000% behind them. Instead, I’ve been really scared they’re going to significantly alter their body on a whim and live with bitter regret the rest of their lives if it doesn’t get them where they think it will take them, and they discover they could be themselves without such drastic measures.

"Women's Sports" means it is exclusively for women. In other words men are excluded. Women are female and are included. Men are male and are excluded. The reason for Women's Sports is to make it possible for more women to participate in sports. In most cases women were permitted to participate in sports that were dominated by men, but very few women could compete because male bodies are stronger.

It's a pleasure to see so many civil comments. Please consider the following: Since when are trans people exempt from some hard choices in life? Maybe when they start our with male privilege like Lia Thomas. Lia has been better at fomenting reactions than even Donald Trump. Never met a trans person I didn't like. Don't expect to. That doesn't mean I approve of the overreaching that is obvious with respect to women's sports.

The girls and women who are losing these competitions are every bit as much a part of this discussion as the trans athletes. Women and girls deserve the hard-fought protections of Title IX, without which most women's leagues wouldn't likely even exist.

Never has there been so much uproar about such a small percentage of the population...transgender athletes. Born male? Simple, you will either have to compete as a male, or maybe find a transgender league to play in. Otherwise, you'll just have to forego organized sports. That won't be the end of the world for you, and you won't be a "victim." This is just plain common sense.

Of course, there's always a nonsense comment:

So much of this stems from a puritanical radical christian right belief in the existence of only two physical genders. History and science have show this is not so - there are actually many variations in humans and the rest of nature's animal and plant kingdoms which have not only been accepted but revered in other, more enlightened cultures.

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Right now there are about 40 comments on the article. Most are GC, but there are quite a few from TRAs, one in particular, who are defending the "young woman".