Do we have a list of anti-Title IX organizations? I have begun a research project on the state of participation opportunities for women in collegiate athletics at work and because of a lot of the new rules out there have cluttered up my search engine results.

Do we have a list of anti-Title IX organizations? I have begun a research project on the state of participation opportunities for women in collegiate athletics at work and because of a lot of the new rules out there have cluttered up my search engine results.


I dunno what you mean by "anti-Title IX organizations." Do you mean orgs that oppose the US federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in US educational programs at institutions that receive federal funding? Or you mean orgs that support Title IX being rewritten so that "gender identity" is added where the law now says "sex" and only sex, and so that individuals' stated or claimed "gender identities" will take precedence over their sex when it comes to matters like participation in sex-separate sports and use of sex-segregated facilities like toilets and locker rooms?

The following orgs are among the many that support Title IX being rewritten and enforced so as to allow males to use gender identity claims to horn in on into female sports, locker rooms and toilets - and to end sex-segregation in any school facility, program or service at US educational institutions that receive federal funds:

NCAA, ACLU, HRC, NAACP, National Organization for Women (NOW), American Association of University Women, American Federation of Teachers the National Women’s Law Center, Athlete Ally, The Trevor Project, Transathlete, PFLAG, The OUT Foundation, GLSEN, The Women’s Sports Foundation, Ms. Foundation for Women, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Center for American Progress, Feminist Majority Foundation, Lambda Legal, National Recreation and Parks Association, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, People For the American Way, YWCA USA, Women's Law Project...

152 US organizations including some of the above signed a letter that says:

On behalf of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 230 national organizations to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons in the United States, and the 152 undersigned organizations, we call for the full inclusion, protection, and celebration of transgender and non-binary youth, including access to extracurricular activities such as athletics and to school facilities, safe and inclusive school environments, accurate and inclusive curriculum, and gender-affirming school health services. We reject the bigoted, ignorant, mean-spirited, and discriminatory policies currently being considered by far too many state legislatures that seek to exclude transgender people and make these members of our communities invisible.

The trend of state bills excluding [male] transgender students from [female] athletics is a false solution in search of a nonexistent problem. For more than a decade, state athletic associations around the country have implemented eligibility policies that ensure transgender student athletes can compete consistent with their gender identity. Those inclusive polices have benefited all students, including cisgender girls and women.

Transgender students face disproportionately high rates of sex discrimination at school, including sexual assault and harassment or bullying because of their gender identity and gender expression.Transgender and non-binary people of color face even deeper and broader patterns of discrimination than their White transgender peers. Bills that would exclude transgender and intersex students from athletics [in the sex category of their choice] would further deprive transgender students of access to educational opportunities and could place them at greater risk of sexual assault. With violence — including physical and sexual assaults and murders — against transgender women at an epidemic level, these bills only serve to create an unsafe educational environment for transgender youth, while sending children the message that transgender people — and transgender girls and women in particular — are not entitled to the equal treatment, dignity, and respect they are taught other people deserve. Simply put, preventing transgender and intersex girls and women from participating in school athletics is a recipe for more trauma, bullying, and violence.


This pamphlet from the Women's Sports Foundation is typical of the sort of positions and propaganda being peddled by so-called women's rights organizations nowadays:

Everyone has a gender identity, which can be described as our own internal understanding of our gender. We also all have a gender expression: the varying ways we express our gender through the way we dress, style our hair, and even through the name we choose to be called. Someone whose gender identity or expression does not conform to typical expectations is often referred to as transgender. Increasing numbers of transgender young people, often with the support of their parents, choose to transition to live as a gender that is more congruent with their internal sense of self...

As the number of young people transitioning in elementary junior high and high school increases, we can assume that some of them will want to participate in school athletic programs; indeed, some already are... Failure to develop informed and fair policies leaves school athletic programs unprepared to respond to the increased probability that a transgender student will seek to join a school team.

The Women’s Sports Foundation supports the right of all athletes, including transgender athletes, to participate in athletic competition that is fair, equitable and respectful to all. “Transgender” refers to people whose gender identity (their internal sense of themselves as male or female) does not conform to traditional expectations associated with their assigned sex at birth. Schools must be prepared to fairly accommodate these students and their families in athletics as well as other school programs.


Individual sport governing organizations should accommodate transgender athletes to ensure access to locker rooms, showers and toilet facilities appropriate for their gender identity. These accommodations should be made with the comfort and privacy of all athletes in mind. Ideally, transgender athletes should have access to the facilities that are available to other athletes of the gender with which they identify...


No. If a young person transitions from male to female prior to puberty, as in the case of some transgender people, no accommodation is necessary at all and this student should be treated as any other competitor in girls’ or women’s sports. Additionally, if a transgender student transitions after puberty, medical experts increasingly agree that the effects of taking female hormones negate any strength and muscular advantage that testosterone may have provided and places a male-to-female transgender athlete who has completed her transition in the same general range of strength and performance exhibited by nontransgender females who are competing. A female-to-male transgender athlete has no physical advantage before, during or after transition and should be permitted to participate fully on male sports teams.


Thank you for these. I think I mean both, as this project is still in the design phase and I want to understand who blatantly opposes the law as well as which organizations might support Title IX as a law but want to allow males on female teams. I'm trying to trace rationale to identify the different groups. You've provided me with two categories already--thank you.

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Do you mean pro-genderism? As in allowing men on women's teams?

See above--I'm looking for both. Those who oppose the literal law, but also those who want to allow men on women's teams.