oh, so men now get twice as many opportunities to win?!?!

There's nothing for them to actually win though. There will be just two TIMs in the world who want to have a boxing match against another TIM. No one will pay to see it. No one will pay attention to it. It'll be as important as beating your sibling to become world champion of a game you just made up.

Hey, Meghan Rapinoe and like minded female athletes

To be a true handmaiden you need to compete in this category to show your support

Surely it will be the same as competition in the Women’s.

Actually you’ll be more successful because I heard the TIMs in it are like Hummer vehicles trying to compete with a Mini Cooper engine

TIMs and beat up TIFs for trans points. Look at those strong women beating up men!

Cool! why don't they just call it unisex tho? I mean even in gendy land youre not versing each other with your gender identies (or peeing for that matter) as they like to repeatedly say