Former world No 1 Maria Catalano:

"I would like to see the rules tightened up in our sport. As a man Jamie never really did anything. And if this is allowed and becomes more common, there is no future for women’s snooker.

The male cheater says:

"Personally, after taking my medication I can’t lift 30kg anymore, I used to bench press 100kg. I struggled with a 25kg suitcase to the USA.

I call BS. Most women in decent shape can lift 25-30kg, and an average man can definitely lift that much, even if he has been damaging his body with wrong-sex hormones.

"If I wasn’t so open about it, and I’d had all the surgeries, my voice was higher, and I blended in…we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

So he hasn’t had all his surgeries. And the women are supposed to be OK with this AGP playing in their tournament?

It’s so obvious that the idea of being drained of strength and being comically weak is part of the mental delusion / sexual fixation they have. You don’t overhead press a suitcase. I could bench press a 20kg bar when I was 15 and 99lbs. 25kg is holding a toddler and some grocery bags. They just pick a random weight or running speed they think sounds weak and effeminate and claim they can’t do more than that like they’re southern belles in a Hanna Barbera cartoon.