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There is something about Hannah Mouncy that really irritates me. He's a cheater in sports and I hate cheaters but it's more than that. I think it's because he's so fucking arrogant and mean spirited. If I was going to write a Richard Nixon style enemies list it would be like this: 1. Hannah Mouncy - Audit taxes for last 15 years. Have the agent repeatedly act confused about why he calls himself Hannah. 2. Jamilla Jamile - Invite her to White House and turn her away at the door. Offer big public apology. Do it again. 3. Jack Dorsey - Arrange for year long road works outside his house. Periodically cut internet lines. Lots of jack hammers. 4. Grace Lavery - Photo shop a picture of him eating chicken wings at Hooters and send it to the vegans.

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There's no way to really do anything worse to Joseph Lavery than the pictures of himself he's plastered all over the Internet. I mean, his Berkeley CV pic is so freaking cringe and every other photograph of him is borderline horrifying and shows that someone was doing some AMAZING structural work on that CV photo.

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He's so amazingly awful. It's like a giant cosmic joke. On one side we have amazing, intelligent, thoughtful and serious women. From all walks of life. And then we've got this guy on the other side. There is a message somewhere in this that I can't quite grasp. Something about absurdity, beauty, joy and ?????