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Relevant excerpt: Gender Diversity Policy Introduced in 2020

According to the AFL’s 2020 Gender Diversity Policy, trans and non binary footballers who wanted to play in AFLW had to meet three conditions.

  • Maintenance of testosterone at or below 5 nmol/L for for at least two years prior to playing in the AFLW competition.
  • If the first threshold requirement is met, trans women and non-binary people can nominate themselves for the AFLW draft or for other elite competitions by furnishing information regarding their height, weight, bench press, 20m sprint, vertical jump, GPS data and 2km run.
  • Once the application is approved, the player has to maintain their total testosterone levels below 5 nmol/L. They may have to undergo periodic - testing.

Transmen or non-binary athletes who want to participate in men’s elite football competitions can participate without the same requirements.

Mouncey has said that unless the issue was resolved, she would proceed to take legal action.

Mouncey is suing because as a great big hulking bloke he knows he has a snowball's chance in hell of getting his T levels below 5 nmol/L (the average man in Mouncey's age range averages 20 nmol/L, but can go as high as 35). This is still twice the maximum amount of testosterone found in a healthy, average woman.

Australian Rules Football (AFL) is a full-contact sport not too different from rugby. It's good news that they are instituting a policy that few if any men will ever be reach compliance with, so here's hoping Mouncey fails in his legal machinations as badly as he failed at manhood.

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They won't be satisfied until they do to women's sports what they did to women's reddit. They will not abolish women's sports, only control it.

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Reddit is anon, though. A passerby can't see that a women's sub is full of men. Bit harder to hide that on the pitch.