Don't men regularly knock each other out in these fights?

Don't they freely choose to make their living this way?

I love how they think we're supposed to give a shit, as if this is some unfair disadvantage. First, I thought there was no difference between men and women? Second, they dont give a shit when these guys are set up against women and brag about fracturing women's skulls.

Two men in a fight. The man in pink trunks lost. GG

How infuriating. I'm supposed to be ok with men cracking women's skulls, but now I need to start wringing my hands?

The media can fuck all the way off with this. We know what reality is. We aren't stupid.

Absolutely. Fallon Fox concealed his trans identity, essentially tricking two women into an unfair fight. Figueroa knew what he was getting into.

So two men fought in an MMA fight. Okay. We all know what the alternative is. Remember Fallon Fox fracturing Tamikka Brent's skull?

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The headline that says

Male fighter knocks out trans-woman fighter in an MMA fight

Should say something along the lines of

Two men fight in MMA bout; one gets knocked out.

Bare-chested man knocks out bloke wearing sports bra in MMA bout

Sports bras don't shield against knock-out blows, male MMA fighter finds

"Props to the Girl". Girl? GIRL? That is a grown ass man wearing a purple sports bra you delusional fucks.

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Uh oh, someone didn't auto-replace all their pronouns correctly 👀

Mistretta managed to overcome the challenge presented by Figueroa merely two and a half minutes after the sound of the first bell. After what can only be described as a brief spirited scrap between the two, Mistretta landed a barrage of strikes from close range that eventually sent Figueroa flailing to the mat.

The referee called a stop to the action shortly thereafter by stepping in and waiving the fight off before lending Figueroa a hand and helping her find her feet. She was subsequently examined by the ringside physicians to diagnose the extent of the damage she had sustained over the course of the fight. As a professional MMA fighter, Mistretta boasts of a record of 3-3-0. Figueroa, on the other hand, is 1-1 in his fledgling career in the realm of mixed martial arts.

Also, that tweet lmfao. If they were trying to be supportive of the tRaNswOmAn it sure as hell didn't feel that way!

MMA Roasted @ MMARoasted

A Man beat a Trans-Woman in an MMA Fight. Props to the Girl, she had balls.

This is the way it should be. Males fighting each other in their own sex class fair and square. Winning or losing is based on skill.

Imagine this rookie amateur wet under the belt managing to beat a professional fighter multiple time champion. But oh no wHo aLLoWeD tHiS, tHiS iSnt RiGhT


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Are we supposed to feel bad that a knock occurred in a sport where the goal is to knock out your opponent?

I don't think Izzy realizes it's two males. I think he thinks trans woman means TIF.