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I hope this goes to court. The RFU's lawyers can shred Harper's "scholarship" starting with the first ridiculous "study" Harper did on himself and 7 other TIM distance runners from which Harper concluded that "transition" makes men much run slower than they ran before. One of the many problems with Harper's "study" was that the interval between the before "transition" and after "transition" running times compared were all over the place, but all were years apart. The before and after running times compared in the case of one TIM were 29 years apart!

Another problem with Harper's "study" was that one of the 8 TIMs included reported times that showed his running got much faster after "transition." Harper dealt with that information by excluding that fella's results from the "study." Science!

Archive: https://archive.ph/I9nG6

A man is going to testify on the behalf of another man so he can play in women’s sports.

Despite acknowledging there was “some theoretical increase in risk” in allowing trans women [sic] to play in female contact rugby, Ms [sic] Harper, who is a transgender woman [sic] herself [sic], said testifying on behalf of Curtiss was “the right thing to do.”

“Theoretical increase in risk”. When male rugby players fold female players like a deckchair, the risk is no longer theoretical. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/49298550

His own meta study of post hrt TIMs showed it made virtually no difference to male strength advantage.

They need to get Blade and Hilton there.