She's so got a legal case against the college for sexual harassment. They were told they'd be kicked off the team, lose scholarships and be booted from college if they complained.

homeboy was waving his dick around in the women's locker room and it's brought to the school's attention and they are like "Oh well! you have zero options! Shut up and change with the penis." Absolutely vile.

I don't know how conservative she was before-hand, but if she was more moderate it makes me sad that Tims in sports are pushing women to the right. Carlson and trump don't have our backs either!!!

Disqualify this AGP-smirk cheater like the utter disgrace he is, and impeach the arrogant SOB currently squatting in the Oval Office, who wants more of his kind in the pool and the actual girls and women scared off. I'd like to see more of these young women run for office and get a GC Gen-Z cohort going that'd scare the panties off of him and Dr. Dick.