But, but, but, the TRAs said that this would never happen! Surely the world's most constitutionally dishonest people wouldn't have lied about such a thing!

The more this happens, the more people peak.

From the displaced girl athletes, to their parents, to the families of girls who miss out on scholarships... to the people watching: this will end when there is enough visibility of this of this form of cheating.

The more this happens, the more people peak

But in the meantime women suffer :(

Yes. Especially the too-young who are mutilating themselves.

A few years ago, I thought it was hopeless though. Now? Some hope.

It was only a matter of time for it to reach high school athletics.

It already happened in high school athletics. In 2019, in CT. Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, and Alanna Smith were the girls who lost to two boys who were allowed to compete in girl's track & field events because the state wanted to Be Kind™.

They sued, and because there are trans anti discrimination laws in CT, their suit was thrown out.

The suit was dismissed as moot, actually. The two TIMs had graduated by the time it came to trial and the plaintiffs hadn't identified any other TIMs that they were forced to compete with. If another plaintiff could be found who had to compete against TIMs and the case was brought to trial before the TIMs graduated and thus were no longer competing against the plaintiff, the judge would not be able to dismiss the case for mootness.

An article with more info:


I, on the other hand, do have some animosity toward the runner, the school, and his parents especially.

Dudebro knows he’s cheating. His parents could have stopped it, easily, and with no consequence. The school might have faced a lawsuit - or the principal might have faced discipline from the school board, requiring him to bring a lawsuit - but this is one of only two real ways laws get changed. (The other is a series of victories by Trumpkins, which I cannot bring myself to hope for, but would overturn much of this bullshit, see Youngkin in Virginia.)

We can't be naming minors, so I agree with the author that this isn't as much the high school student TiM's fault as it is the state, the school, the parents and the fucking federal government.

A young teen boy, as a sophomore, is likely only 15 or 16 and as a runner and a boy, he has only more growing to do. The 18 year old male high school runners are, on average, faster than 15 and 16 year old runners because they've had time to grow and get even more training.

This isn't just an affront to that poor girl who really won first place, but to the girls in 3rd, 4th and all the way down to the last girl who just missed making the team. It's a trickle down effect of shitting on girls and I've fucking had it.

Yeah I really like when these articles put the blame where it’s due. “Trans” kids don’t deserve to be nationally ridiculed, and although Puget Sound is a more well off area many of the schools that deal with this already don’t know how to deal with harassment, home issues, and all other kinds of issues kids in HS deal with. It’s the lawmakers and the govt we need to keep the pressure on. People feel more empowered reading “your GOVT is forcing this onto you” rather than “it’s a different day and age, progressive people want to force this onto you”.

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Do we hold 15 year old boys accountable for rape?

If so - and we should - why would we not hold them accountable (with different consequences, to be sure) for other violations of women, caused by male entitlement?

I’m not saying pretending to be a girl to win a medal is akin to rape. But we hold 15 year olds accountable for quite a lot (more than I think appropriate in much of the US, frankly, especially when they’re not white) and I see no reason to give a blanket pass to him, among the many bad actors here. He knows the girls he’s beating, knows that they’ve trained hard, knows that he’s fairly easily winning against girls when he wasn’t in the top 500 competing against other boys. He knows what he’s doing. A 15 year old who’s been socialized to violate women’s boundaries is still held culpable for assaulting women, even though it’s at least in part the fault of his parents and community that instilled those values and tolerated that attitude, and mutatis mutandis here as well.

Also, if we stigmatise the ever loving fuck out of all these baby Lia Thomases, we might just make the prospect less appealing.


It' s not a 5 years old child who clearly is being fed this crap by parents and probably doesn' t even know what is going on, it' s a teenager with an agenda. Of course it' s also the state' s fault if this is happening, but anyone who isn' t a child who is taking advantage of it is not an innocent pumpkin who shouldn' t be blamed for their own actions.

I’m not saying pretending to be a girl to win a medal is akin to rape.

That’s essentially what you go on to do. You can compare the two only as far as the general concept of misogyny. But they come from different places. It’s a lot more complex than how you present the issue. A lot more.

Your comment really doesn’t deserve the explanation and energy from me, so all I’ll say is you’re out of touch and are too black/white about this.

It’s so unfortunate that this is in my area. This is the main reason we chose private Catholic school instead of public.

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Title IX created a gigantic participation expansion among girls in sports. As a result, girls who participate in sports and other activities – music and drama included – experience higher high school graduation rates, lower teen pregnancy rates, and eventual higher college acceptance rates and higher average income.

Okay now suddenly it makes sense. Girls were given too much of an advantage and now we have to roll that back. But reading between the lines; “we didn't expect girls to excel over boys, but they surprised us and now we regret it”.