where a typical male player tackled a typical female player, the risk of head injury for the woman was 20 to 30 per cent higher, and would be significantly greater if a larger male tackled a smaller female.

That’s absolutely damning. Fuck any physical sporting body that even entertains the idea of allowing men to possibly kill women for gender feelings in sports 😡 Top tier misogyny.

Their career, their dignity and their actual lives threatened by these males. They've been waiting to destroy women's sports and they're all enjoying what's happening.

“We are currently having conversations with members of the rugby community who could be most affected by any change to the policy to help us understand views across this subject.”

So they're just meeting with the men about their feelings. Women potentially dying just isn't bad enough in comparison.

All the women need to walk out.

Existing rules state that female players must not be told they will be competing against a male-bodied opponent, denying them the chance to opt out of matches if they have safety concerns. Clubs face disciplinary action if they break the strict confidentiality rule.

Seriously? Just fuck these people. Women's sports should mean women have an expectation that they are playing against other women. It's like making a male wrestler not know his opponent is a grizzly bear.

It's only a matter of time before one of these female impersonators kills a woman during his sports-category-affirmation.