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People absolutely cared, and Richards has now (of course) realized it was unfair and he should not have been allowed to play.

Miwestgirl comes across as a 16yo who thinks she found something to stump the old people with. She has no idea what she is talking about.

Yep. My 14 yo niece would find this super profound. She also thinks "radfems" are anti abortion. 🙄

Oh, no no no.

We need better marketing. We should be able to do that with all the TERF money we apparently get

Yep. She was going on about some "radfem" on her "fyp" (idk what that is) who's transphobic and anti-abortion. I looked her on the eye and said if she's anti-abortion she's no radical feminist. Niece: yes she is. Me: no she's not. She might call herself that but she's not.

... Then we were interrupted and her attention went elsewhere.

Also wasn't Richards old enough that he wouldn't have even remotely been competitive if he'd kept playing men's tennis?

Richards was 43 in 1976. He decided to "transition" and start horning in on women's sports at precisely the point in his life when his long run as a top-notch competitor in male sports - which lasted more than 25 years - had come to an end due to natural aging. And, as is typical, Richards decided to "transition" only after completing his education (at all male preparatory schools, male-only Yale, and mostly male medical school), serving in the military, firmly establishing himself as a success in the male-dominated field he chose to go into, marrying a woman and fathering a child.

Many people today forget or are unaware that as a youngster, Richards - then known as Richard Raskin - excelled amongst his own sex in three other sports beyond tennis - baseball, American football and swimming. He had such as an amazing, impressive baseball pitching arm in HS that he was offered a position with the legendary NY Yankees. But he decided instead to attend Yale, which was still male-only at the time, and focus on his tennis. He was captain of the Yale tennis team and went on to be a (men's) tennis star for the US Navy.

Looks like he was around 40 years old at the time, so yeah.

You are correct! From an interview linked in the comments:

A great 40-year-old tennis player doesn’t drop from nowhere. And indeed, when [he] won the La Jolla championship in 1976, a reporter started digging. The story broke nationally: Women’s winner was a man.

Wha…? How is this sub allowed to say trans women aren’t women?

I think it's just flying under the radar at the moment. I've never seen any "serious" discussion there before. It's usually just "hey, remember this movie?"

Most of the comments on that post are excellent. Thank god. I do enjoy that sub.

is that girl a toddler (if it is a girl) why is she soldiering on with her twaddle when the replies are literally from people old enough to remember.