I'm pleased to see "separated by SEX," not "by gender," in the title. It's a basic common-sense piece, but those are in short supply these days.

Always happy to see evidence the Atlantic feels they've gone too far. I bet they lose a mess of subscribers every time they print one-sided pro-trans propaganda (that is how they lost me).

Good. Although I wish they had published this at the same time as their article from 2 weeks ago making the opposite argument ("Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense"). Seeing the arguments side by side can be powerful.

I'm kinda wondering if this article was in response to the backlash from that article. All publications print what they think their readership wants to read. It seems the Atlantic now realizes they sorely miscalculated and now are publishing the exact opposite opinion rather than risk further alienating readers.

I really wonder how many of these miscalculations are malice as opposed to ignorance, being extremely sheltered/in a bubble, and just being more out of touch than the "Fellow Kids" meme. It seems like a LOT of corporate suits have the misconception that this gender stuff is far more popular than it actually is

If "spot the weasel words" were a drinking game ...

If the practice [separate sports for women] stopped, top-level women’s sport as we know it might cease to exist.

But at the highest, rarefied levels of many professional sports, men and women appear to have different performance ceilings.

The overwhelming driver for the sudden jump in male performance seems to be the surge,

But at the top of the top of the athletic world, in widely played sports with elite coaching, the gap between the sexes seems almost insurmountable.

Yet even in sports where sexist sociological barriers have been lowered, a performance gap can persist.

To solve these questions, we need to first accept the premise that puberty can create unequal sporting ability.

... I'd be in a coma about now.

This author, "Coach Steve" Magness, has a Twitter presence where he talks similar common sense and prases old-fashionedy dinosaur concepts, like grit and pride in a job well done. Not surprised at all to see a piece from him that lands on the side of common sense and does so with aplomb.