I saw on Twitter. They're going IN on her and are trying to humillante her and ruin her life.

WhY dOnT wOmeN sAy aNytHinG

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Can someone explain why they are suing the TIMs, not the state (or the athletics association or whoever set the stupid rules allowing them to compete?)

I love the thought of these POS men getting a comeuppance in court but I don’t properly understand the case. What are the chances she’ll win?

(Will it be televised?)

They did not originally sue the TIMs directly. The lawsuit - Soule v. Connecticut Association of Schools - was against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference or CIAC and several school boards.

Miller and Yearwood, represented by the ACLU, decided to join the case as "Intervenors-Appellees" on the side of the CIAC and other defendants along with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights (so-called).




Original lawsuit: https://adfmedialegalfiles.blob.core.windows.net/files/SouleComplaint.pdf

(Will it be televised?)

The oral arguments were heard in court on September 29. You can listen here. The two males are referred to as the intervenors; the female students as plaintiffs.


They are suing the state and athletic association. They sued them originally in 2020 and it was dismissed in 2021. This is an appeal of that ruling. It was dismissed because the two TIMs had already graduated by then, so the judge ruled that they could no longer argue that the girls were at risk of losing races. They TIM athletes are included here because it puts focus on what the girls who raced them have already lost vs. hypothetical losses in the future if TIMs continue to be included.

I remember that BS dismissal. They had already lost something of significant value, that was the whole point of the complaint, but the judge pulled a Pontius Pilot.

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Yes, the current case is an appeal of the original federal judge's decision to dismiss the 2020 lawsuit in which the female plaintiffs argued that CIAC and the school boards violated their civil rights under Title IX.

But the current appeal is more than that too. The current motion also asks the US Court of Appeal to order the CIAC and the schools involved to change the records of the races and awards in girls' HS track that these two boys won so that the girls who actually were the fastest female competitors get proper recognition for their achievements. Miller and Yearwood are now named as defendants in the current case in part because they decided to join the case as intervenors to prevent the records being changed.

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I feel like the people to sue are the sporting orgs that let this happen.