Great article, does not try to explain away the crazy.

I hope there is pushback. I do hope the mentioned funding campaign to sue happens..."Daley Thompson, Britain’s decathlon legend, went even further, offering to crowd-fund any efforts to sue British Rowing for its stance."

"British Rowing already has an “open” category that allows for everybody to be included. Why, then, does it refuse to guarantee sex-based eligibility for women? Sadly, it gives every impression of kowtowing to the fashionable but profoundly flawed logic that trans athletes must be accommodated at all costs, foisting an exclusionary policy on its female rowers. That, frankly, is an outrage, and it cannot stand."

I thought the Telegraph was 100% pro-trans. If I'm remembering correctly they have done a sharp u-turn of late.

Honestly, a great sign if you think of newspapers as speakerphones of The Powers That Be. The tide may truly be turning, even at the top.

Definitely misread the title and had to do a triple (quadruple?) take haha.