It drives me nuts how studying the issue AFTER men are competing with women is acceptable. These studies should come BEFORE any changes were made. Unless, of course, biology is completely discounted first, and men get what they want.

Actually, the studies are unnecessary, it's always been obvious what the truth is. TRAs are just mudding the waters

In this era of Age of Stupid, they need to have studies or else they'll be accused as "transphobes!"

I wonder why they used castrated men as harem guards, and bot just other women

Maybe because men are stronger and more geared towards violence, despite +/- balls

Yeah I wonder also why domestic violence victims are overwhelmingly women. Like why did these women never just throw a punch back? Why did they just stand there and take the beating.

Suddenly female biology gets attention when men want to perform that they have it.

Alun Williams, professor of sport and exercise genomics at Manchester Metropolitan University, added: “This new evidence doesn’t support the eligibility of transwomen for the female categories of most sports."

Here is the original journal article: https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2022/09/01/bjsports-2021-105400

This just seems like bad science. They take a group of men, some of them castrated, who have been taking some kind of estrogen, maybe with another drug, for varying number of years, and compare their athletic performance to men who have not had body modification and to women. And we are supposed to take this seriously?

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They didn't even separate out the 4 TIMs who've been surgically castrated from the 11 who still have their balls! And the first supplementary document supposedly providing additional data that is said to be online isn't - when you click on the link in the paper, it leads nowhere.

On the day the study participants were tested, the TIMs had a mean T level (ng/dL) of 92.5 versus 20.1 for the women.

So even though some of TIMs had their testes removed surgically and thus presumably have hardly any T, as a group the TIMs still had 4.5 times more T than the women.

What's more, the TIMs' T range was 12–637 ng/dL compared to 12–41 ng/dL for the women. The normal T range for men is 270-1,000; the normal range for women is 8-60.

The mean T level of the bog standard men in this study was 524.3±169.0. The paper doesn't state what the range for the regular men's T was. But at least one of the TIM's had considerably higher T than the mean for the ordinary men.

All the "science" supposedly supporting the theory that men who tinker with their T and E levels somehow become women or "just like" women is a fraud and a joke.