I know we are reluctant to talk about this, but I think we really need to confront the fact that a lot of TRAs are in fact women.

From the article:

The Telegraph has been told his posts have compounded boardroom divisions at British Rowing split largely along gender lines, with non-executive chairman Davies and other male directors having argued against a policy drawn up to replace one in force since 2016.


The new policy provoked a Twitter storm which Davies attempted to quell by revealing he had lobbied World Rowing on the issue, adding: “I’m on record for wanting there to be Open and Women’s categories in line with FINA, and the strongest voices I have heard in support of other options have been female.”

It doesn't matter whether the reason so many women are tripping over themselves to support this madness is patriarchy, internalized misogyny, or whatever. It is impossible to deny that a lot of women are pushing this, even without this being imposed upon them. I've lost count of how many Facebook groups (and I'm not talking about groups pertaining to interests skewed by sex, but just general interest groups), run by women that, with no inside or outside demand whatsoever, would adopt group rules to support "gender identity". I have yet to see a group run by men that does this. I have yet to see any group run by men where this is even a thing. Maybe it's just my age and men in places where younger people hang out are different, but I'm not sensing this to be the case.

It is extremely frustrating to see women being a force behind this awful ideology that does nothing but harm. I don't know what's the solution, but I wish we can start having a discussion about it. And I mean not just venting about the causes being rooted in misogyny, but a discussion on what can be done about it.

Really important point- I was suspended from a bra fitting group for suggesting members should be informed when joining that men would be in the group.

Its the same reason women are disproportionately religious that they believe this uh.. 'doctrine'

100%, no, 200%! And - heartbreakingly - this acquiescence to their own exploitation starts young in girls. By the time they reach high school they’ve already internalized the idea that they have to protect the boys and their interests, even when the boys are too clueless to ask.