The narcissism of gender ideology infuriates me. THERE IS NO POINT in trying to come to some sort of accommodation. It will never be enough. Biology is real. Deal.

Yep. The current system is FINE, it's the crybaby men who it appears a lot of people are afraid to say no to.

I don't understand why it's so hard and I also don't understand why ANYONE, even Coach Blade has spent so much time trying to find a fix.

A bunch of spoiled men want to force EVERYONE to do whatever they say. It's pathetic. Just tell them no and walk away from their tantrums.

I'd be cool with their extremely wealthy funders putting some of their mountains of money towards creating trans-exclusive sports leagues...instead of spending it all on dismantling women's rights and safeguarding for children. And then watching TIMs continue to win against TIFs while they continue to deny the existence of biological sex and proclaim how magic hormones are.

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I understand her argument, and in principle I agree, but I don't think this all or nothing approach is helpful.

Yes, I think a third category is an absolutely waste of everyone's time, total BS since all trans or NB competitors would be in different stages of hormonal and God only knows what other "treatments", so the results would be all mucked anyway; plus regardless only the male ones will win and the female ones would be luck to even qualify. And yes it could cause the total available prize money to be divided up more. But I think a better approach right now is to offer a third way as a compromise.

We're here today because the TRAs refused absolutely to consider women's rights. In the beginning, we were all more than happy to support them from discrimination in the sense if they would be treated unfairly as any other groups of people. If they had demanded their own spaces and reasonable without intruding upon women's spaces needed for biological reality, many of us wouldn't be on the side against them. (The harms to children a separate matter). It was their total unwillingness to even engage and hear us out, and be concerned for our needs, that led to where we are today. If we take the same approach now, this conflict will never end.

But if we give them their own spaces and categories, this madness will die down. This stupid fad will play itself out and die. Why? Because people who don't really pay close attention to this will deem that fairness was achieved. So it will be hard for them to demand more.

In sports, their own category will unlikely draw any viewers except for casual viewers who want to virtue signal. No one who seriously like sports care to watch mediocre males play. They want to watch men, and believe or not, many of them also want to watch women. They basically want to watch the best of the best, not mediocre men. Most straight men sports fans would simply think and say they're cheats. They already do. But they're not terminally online so they can say it all the time in real life. The idiotic woke mob online can't do squat about them. With no audience support, all they got will be corporate sponsorships given for companies to virtue signal. And corporations don't really care. When the fad dies and people move on, so will their money. I'm also not too worried about a third category taking money away from women. I think this has enough hooha going on that the sports authorities can't risk looking like they're discriminating, so the money will be drawn from both men and women's categories. Sure the prizes might be smaller. But again, in the long run, the third category most likely will fizzle as there will be no real audience, and men seeking attention and cheating will also fizzle out.

As far as third spaces like bathrooms, changing rooms, prisons, shelters, etc. I honestly couldn't care less if there's a third space as long as we get to keep our women's spaces. (Except for schools, where we will still want to protect underage girls.) People who want to use mixed-sex facilities by their own choice can have at it. We can let them be crazy on their own.