It's so frustrating to keep bringing people back to the point. Do I believe testosterone suppression eliminates all male advantage? No, but that is NOT THE POINT. Cancer or cancer treatment, obesity, disability, etc. all make men weaker as well. It doesn't give them the right to enter women's sports. Just like being 8 months pregnant doesn't give me the right to join 5 year olds in soccer games even though I'd be more competitive there.

No, there is no amount of muscle loss that would make it ok for men to join women's sports. No, there is no amount of testosterone suppression that would make it ok. No, it doesn't matter if they find a way to completely level the playing field. No men in women's sports.

I played volleyball in HS, and played intramural volleyball in college, girls and coed. For anyone who doesn't know, the net height for boys volleyball is higher than it is for girls, and coed volleyball is played at mens net height, because men can jump higher than women, for one. They're taller, etc, all the shit anyone with common sense already knows, and this is what happens when men play volleyball on a net that's at the women's net height.

It's fucking infuriating that they're allowing this boy to take a spot from a girl, and hurt competitors in the process.

Will rising liability insurance costs finally end the men-in-women's-sports madness? This girl's parents need to sue everyone involved.

It’s like watching state-sponsored assault, you know, where violence is perpetrated upon you against your will, and you have no right to object.

A whole bunch of women will have to keep getting injured, and the top 3 in most sports will all be males, and then maybe it will sink in to the "allies" to wake the fuck up.

Nope. Dick panderers NEVER admit to what they do. They are blind to their own dick pandering.

Yep. And not just injured, but seriously injured. This poor girl here is having multiple concussions.

Seriously, those in charge are criminals. Who the fuck didn't see this coming? They all there pretending they can't see there's physical differences between male and female.

“Do men belong in women’s sports?” I’m so sick of this asinine question. Can I put a motorized engine in my pinewood derby car? No. That’s fucking cheating and that’s a different thing entirely. Come the fuck on people.

The video is potato quality, and you can still clock the dude immediately.

An update on the injured girl:

As of Sept 27, the Lady Eagles’ player is suffering from ongoing concussion symptoms, including vision issues, and has not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist.

From: School board: Player a ‘safety concern’

Ugh. Hope she recovers fully. Her parents should sue the district.

in this meeting, a coach of 40 years said they’d never seen a hit like this

Keep this BS up and they’ll be seeing them regularly. Stop this insanity now!!

Does anyone live in NC. Is there outrage that high school girls are being denied the ability to play - for some their senior year - bc a boy is on their team.

Are people locally outraged. I wonder what his day to day school life is like.

Girls should sue him if they lose college scholarships.

This is a crucial point. He’s stealing a potential scholarship opportunity, he’s gravely injuring other players (which could not only ruin their season but also leave them with long term complications) and no doubt turning the locker room into an uncomfortable place for his own teammates.

Oh, I'm sure that he'll get a scholarship for being so brave and trailblazing. /s

I live in NC. In my hometown there would most certainly be outrage. I live in the Triangle now and many here would probably defend the boy who injured that girl.

I live in North Carolina, but I haven’t heard anything. Even if the Republican legislature passes something that prevents boys from playing in girls’ sports, our Democratic governor will veto it.

Yeah same. Ovarit is the first place I heard of this. NC is so weird in its politics.

The two schools are in different counties. Hiawassee dam is the one in Cherokee county, which is a very rural, very conservative area in the far western tip of NC. As you go further east, it starts to get more...liberal. With Asheville being a trans and grifter haven. Highlands is about midway between the two towns. I thought that area would have been conservative enough not to allow this nonsense, but what do I know. Normally schools only place each other twice a year


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