The selfishness is astounding. It is really “all about me” with these dudes. You can tell what underlying contempt for women is there.

Also the photo of that “Molly Cameron” guy is primo peak material. There’s a name/face that needs to be publicized to the world, so they can appreciate his stunning bravery.

Yeah, the interesting thing about Molly Cameron is that he's been calling himself a woman for years, without ever attempting to "pass." He has also been racing -- and racing well -- in men's cyclocross events for years. And guess what: no one gave a shit. No one cared that a "woman" (sic) was racing in men's events. The men weren't like "Oh, you use she/her pronouns, get out!" Now that the trans thing has really blown up the past few years, Molly has been whining about inclusion, and racing in women's gravel events and getting on the elite level podium at the age of 46. It's gross.

(Also, I'd like to state for the record that women race in men's cycling races at the local levels all the time in the US. The women's fields can be really small, so it's a way to get experience racing in bigger groups and a way to get upgrade points. And none of the men care. No one cares. This idea that transwomen are unwelcome in the men's field is total hogwash.)

Thanks for raising awareness - this guy would have snuck in under the radar.

Seriously? He has a traditionally male name and an unmistakably male appearance

No, because not everyone follows niche cycling websites…

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"The Chicago-based CX rider's analytical approach to the sport is paying dividends as she rises through the ranks."

Yes, it's definitely his "analytical approach" that is the reason he is doing well and not the fact he's a man

A feature about a man racing at the highest level against women. So inspiring!

Meanwhile, the author of the piece complains on twitter that CyclingTips had to close the comments section because of "all the hate" due to Austin being trans.