I really wish they would stop using "she" and "her" and calling them women. I hate the destruction of our language.

That pink haired boy looks so ridiculous holy fuck. Straight up looks like one of the fat incel nerds who used to sexually harass me in high school only with neon pink hair lmao. Poisonous dart frogs, anyone?

Of course the only athletes interviewed and even considered are the male athletes wanting to horn in on female sports.

I don't believe what the second TIM at the end says about how he's at now risk of osteoporosis due to lowering his T levels. TIMs usually take estrogen along with T suppressant meds, and the estrogen will protect their bones. Clearly, from the size and shape of this strapping fella, he went through normal male puberty of infancy and male puberty of adolescence and acquired normal male bone mineralization and density during those times. Estrogen now will allow him to hold on to that.

Also, I doubt this bloke's T levels are anywhere near as low as he claims. Even on the highest doses of T suppressants and estrogen, TIMs rarely get their T levels as low as they claim. Most continue to have T levels in or near the normal male range; hardly any get their T levels in or near the female range. Which is why so many sports governing bodies have set the threshold for T in TIMs (and XY DSD athletes like Caster Semenya) at 10 nmol/L or 5 nmol/L, far above the normal female range of 0.02-1.68 nmol/L. And it's why when some sports bodies like UCI have lowered the TIM threshold to 2.5 nmol/L, TIMs and their backers have complained it's not fair.

Is PBS usually far-left? it's been a long time since I've watched PBS

I watch PBS News Hour regularly and my state/local PBS news too. PBS is very "woke," pro "trans rights" and speaks the language of gender woo. The News Hour has become shockingly biased about this and many other topics. Sometimes I get so fed up I have to turn off the sound.

Biased though it is, this new piece from PBS Chicago is actually more even-handed and balanced than the coverage I've seen about "trans inclusion in sports" on PBS News Hour and the other PBS stations I've watched over the past 5 years. At least the PBS Chicago piece included a middle-aged female sports journalist and permitted her to say that there are myriad issues around the inclusion/intrusion of TIMs in female sports that need to be discussed and debated.