This is what women had to do in 1976 to get their own locker room:

Mary O’Connor fought so fiercely for women to have their own spaces in rowing that one day, with 18 of her team-mates at Yale University, she walked into the sports director’s office and stripped naked. “Our captain read a statement saying, ‘These are the bodies that Yale is exploiting,’” she recalls. “Then we got back on the bus and went to practise.”

We really need title XI. I've been asking women older than me to tell me about their experiences. We cannot go back. And i am glad she critiqued the way too high 5mnol of Testosterone-- it's double that of the high median for women, and well within average for men!

“When I started rowing, there were not the same number of races for women as there were for men. It has taken us a long time to get to parity. So, if additional categories are going to be created, they cannot be designed in such a way that they give more opportunities to biological males compared to females. I have not championed equality for women in sports for decades to say, ‘I’m just going to let this biological male, who clearly has an unfair advantage, smash women’s records and take scholarships and opportunities from females.’”


"Somehow, the Olympic sport in which men enjoy perhaps the greatest inherent advantage, physiologically favoured in everything from length of levers to cardiovascular capacity, sees no problem opening the female category to biological males."