It doesn't seem like that the policy is really set up to cater for non-binary people, who unfortunately have to pick one at the moment.

No shit, the world isn’t tailored to your boutique gender identity.


Picture on the right, the first 3 in the top row

Holy cow I have been looking everywhere to find out if this player is a man as the vague wishy washy statement led me to believe and what do you know!! A man it is. Helen Hardy has whipped up a twitter storm and fury being completely dishonest about the "biologically female" player she has been going out to bat for!

Archive: https://archive.ph/admrd

The article doesn't specify, but it sounds like it's a male player who was playing on a female team:

Grassroots football club Manchester Laces say the Manchester FA classified their league game as forfeited because a non-binary person played on their team; FA asks the player to undergo hormone testing before a decision is made on their eligibility for women's football

I don't understand why someone goes to the trouble of doing the whole "nonbinary" thing but then insists on playing on a binary team.

I assumed female player who transitioned and takes testosterone, didn’t make the men’s team, and thought she could hack the system by calling herself “non-binary” — and that’s why she won’t submit for testing to see what her testosterone levels are.

Sorry - they are right to ban her. Only females who identify as women get to participate in women's sports. You don't get to opt out of the club only when it suites you.