“The word 'non-binary' for me means I'm not either one of these two things [i.e., a woman or a man]. I'm both, I'm more than, I'm everything in between.”

Wish I had something clever to say but I barfed instead

Barfing, you say? All by yourself? We’ll all join you🤮

So she’s a “former” lesbian, proudly showing off her mastectomy scars, educated at the Trans School of Bullshit, where she has learned the latest in deceptive, nauseating language:

We deserve to be physically active and we deserve to prioritize our physical health in the same way as cisgender folks do,” says Calamia. “I'm not trying to take anything from you. None of us are trying to take anything from anyone. We just wanna run our race and get to feel connected with ourselves.”

Yes, yes, you (and your ilk) ARE taking things away from others. Oh, and enjoy running while you can. You won’t be able to run for much longer if you keep on taking T.

Of course it’s a FtM advocating for a “non binary” category - she knows she can’t compete in the men’s category because she won’t stand a chance at winning or even placing anywhere near the top, she would arrive in with the last of the men.

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But she stands no chance in the non-binary category either, as it will inevitably include men, especially now that there is a monetary prize.

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Why is there a $5000 prize? A pro male runner could just identify non-binary and get $5000 for free

So can women who identify as NB take testosterone and compete in the NB category? Or is it just a category for "people who give us a headache trying to figure out how to deal with them so we'll just put them here?"

Mens sports is generally open catergory and thus non-binary, if it was a contact sport where you are in TIF related danger maybe nonbinary/steroid/PED + PDD variant catergory is valid

I feel like this is a good compromise. Let them have their things so they don’t have an excuse.

Except that the end result is that women will wind up with less overall prize money available to them.

There hasn’t been a lot of studies comparing the strength gain in Tifs vs the strength loss Tims. If the strength gain is equal to the strength loss than theoretically, they’d be a match for eachother. There’s a lot of maybes and ifs that go along with this but if Tim’s and tifs are in the same category and they’re strengths are equal and the number of Tim’s and tifs are equal, then the prize money would still be going to biological females.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m interested to see where this goes. I’ve heard that more women in sports would transition but won’t because they know they can’t compete with their male counterparts even with T. I DO NOT want more women to transition, but I’m wondering if less men will transition when they no longer have the advantage over women.

Non binary isn't just tifs and tims. It's anyone. If you're a middle of the pack man and you want the cash, all you have to do is write nb on the form and you have a solid chance at 1st. Middle of the pack, non steroid addled women do not. What usually happens when an nb or other category is added is that fewer women wind up with prizes.